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Our Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has officially sprung, which means it is time to do some spring cleaning around your association. With hurricane season, just over a month away, now is the perfect time to start prepping your association and making those needed repairs and upgrades. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few areas to start with!

Spruce Up the Landscaping

A great place to start is with the association’s landscaping. Take a property walk and see if there are any trees or plants that need to be trimmed or removed. Hurricanes are not the only threat during summer in Florida. Summer thunderstorms can cause huge gusts of wind that can take down branches and loose limbs. So, make sure all your trees are correctly trimmed, especially those palm trees!

Prep the Pool

Now that the weather is warming up your residents will want to start utilizing the pool. Make sure to have a pool servicing company check the chlorine levels, as well as make any adjustments to the chemicals to ensure they are safe for residents to swim in. You should also check all safety signage around the pool area and replace any that have become difficult to read from wear and tear.

Organize Your Office

Spring is the perfect time to go through last year’s clutter, and get your office organized. Budget season prep starts in a few months, so it is better to have everything organized now so you are not stressing to find documents when the time comes. Make sure you have important documents like copies of your insurance policies somewhere easily accessible.

Double Check Your Roof

If your association is looking to make repairs or update your roof now is the time to do so. Even if you do not think your roof has any damages, it is best to check in with unit owners and ask if they have seen any leaks or have a maintenance person take a look at the roof for themselves. The last thing you want is to find out you have a roof leak during a storm. Take the time to check it now and save you money later. This is also a great time to check the gutters to make sure they are cleared of any pollen or debris and will not cause a backup when the rain begins.




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