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Why Choose an Independent Agency?

In today’s insurance industry there are countless companies to turn to for your insurance needs. Big box names dominate the market, but is bigger better when it comes to choosing an insurance company? Here are some of the benefits of working with an independent insurance agency over a big box company.


Unlike big box insurance companies, independent agencies typically specialize in one or a few types of insurance. If you were having trouble seeing, you would not go to any doctor for treatment, you would seek out an Optometrist who specializes in treating eyes. So, should be for your insurance. Agents at independent agencies spend years specializing in their specific field of insurance, which gives them the tools to thoroughly understand your unique needs and which markets would best fit.

Customer Service

A major difference between choosing an independent agency over a big-name insurance company is the level of customer service. Since independent agencies are typically smaller, client care comes first always. This means there are no 800 numbers to call or answering machines to navigate, you are always able to get in contact with your agent right away. Need to make a change to your policy? Have to file a claim? You will have the convenience of your agent being just an email or phone call away.

More Coverage Options

One of the greatest benefits of working with an independent agency is the variety of insurance companies available to you as the customer. An independent agency has access to many markets, that allow them to shop your insurance to find the best coverage, and pricing. Not only do you have more coverage options you have an unbiased voice to advocate for you. Independent agencies are not tied to one specific company, they can help you find the best coverage without any preference for one company over another.

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