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Hurricane Season Prep: Before the Storm

The 2021 hurricane season is just over a week away with peak season beginning in mid-August. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has predicted an above-average season for 2021, estimating 17 named storms and 8 hurricanes. After last year’s record-breaking 2020 hurricane season, developing a plan well before the storm arrives will give associations and their residents much-needed peace of mind.

A great place to start is reviewing the Florida Statutes, 718.1265, with your board. These statutes grant the Association emergency powers in the event a state of emergency is declared. While reviewing, it would be beneficial to assign each board member with specific duties should a hurricane come. Some associations even create a committee that is dedicated to hurricane disaster planning. The committee would be responsible for creating the association’s hurricane plan, providing unit owners with evacuation routes, collecting up-to-date contact information on all the unit owners, creating a hurricane supply list, and much more. Organizing duties will help streamline communication and implementing the plan.

While reviewing the Florida Statutes, it would be beneficial to review your association’s insurance coverage. The time to know exactly what is covered by your current insurance policy is before a storm is on the way. Typically, days before a storm, most carriers pause binding on any new coverages. Should you realize there is a gap in your association’s coverage, you would not have the ability to purchase additional coverage right before the storm. Ensure that you fully understand every component of your policy and, if you do not, contact a licensed agent for assistance.

Knowing the association’s responsibilities, creating a team and hurricane plan, and knowing your insurance coverages are a few ways to help prepare your staff and the association prior to a hurricane. We are potentially facing a very active season and being underprepared could put your residents at risk. For any additional assistance on how to prepare for a hurricane or have your association’s insurance reviewed give us a call at 727-360-8190.

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